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Guided Tours

The Takis Foundation organizes guided tours for middle and high school students as well as for adults . The visitors  accompanied by experienced guides, explore the surrounding area of the institution as well as the museum spaces. This is the place of inspiration and creation of most of Takis’ works of art, thus the tour follows an imaginary route in the artistic path of the pioneering Greek sculptor and researcher
The aim of the tour is for the participants to get to know and understand up close both the scientific and the artistic value of the artist’s works.
Scientific questions, applications and laboratory experiments, the study of natural phenomena and energy for the protection of the environment and many more issues that have been of concern to Takis; and through his unique sculptures he has given his own artistic answers. 

To enquire and to discuss your booking over the phone please call us at 210 2389019 or email us at gro.noitadnuofsikatnull@ude

The guided tours are also held in English.

Day: Monday – Friday for School Visits & Adult Group

Day: Weekends for Adult group

Duration: 60′

Time:  09:00-10:00

Participation Fee:
Student: 3€
Adult: 5€