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Virtual Tour 360°

Virtual tour in Takis Foundation

One of the most prominent contemporary art museums in Athens, The Takis Foundation – Research Center for the Art and the Sciences, adapts to the needs of contemporary culture and dynamically follows the digital era, offering a free interactive 360ο virtual tour.

The digital museum has no geographical or time bounds and is open to all, therefore creating new communication routes within its audience.

During the virtual tour, the visitor will have the chance to:

  • Get acquainted with artworks from the permanent collection of the world-renowned artist and scientist, Takis (Panayiotis Vassilakis,1925-2019), as well as observe the museum premises that used to be his home and studio.
  • Derive important information of the artistic and scientific career of Takis and explore archival photographic material some of Takis’ masterpieces, namely 17 selected ‘hotspots.
  • Obtain an empirical experience through the high-quality definition of all the indoor and outdoor shootings, in addition to the recordings of the ambient sounds.
  • Virtually discover the simulated premises, along with the ability to move in all directions and focus on the artworks.
  • Delve into the information provided by the digital tour in both Greek and in English, with the additional option of audio format in both languages.