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The Takis Foundation aims to raise awareness of the sculptor’s artistic work, to ensure the integrity of his work and to continue his heritage on the world stage of art. Authenticity examinations are of paramount importance when it comes to studying the artist, and their purpose is to exclude imitations and incorrect versions. Therefore, the Foundation is the only legal entity entitled to issue certificates of authenticity for all of the artist’s works (FEK 733B’, FEK 128B’, FEK 1279B’).

The owners of artworks attributed to the sculptor Takis are encouraged to submit their works to the Foundation’s archive.


Restorers and owners as well as various commercial and non-commercial cultural and artistic organizations interested in consulting the Takis Foundation – Research Center for the Art and the Sciences about the status or the conservation process of an artwork attributed to the artist, are welcome to contact the Foundation by email and by sending photos which show the work with clarity to gro.noitadnuofsikatnull@tcatnoc.

It is strongly recommended to describe or to inform the Foundation of the artwork’s status in detail. It is important that any restoration is carried out in such a way as to preserve the artistic integrity of the piece.

Therefore, the Foundation has sole responsibility for approving any proposed restoration of the works of art attributed to the artist Takis, providing specialized personnel for this purpose. Any and all restorations are to be recorded and approved for certification purposes. Collectors and institutes willing to restore their artwork(s) can contact the Foundation on official request.