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Electric Barrels

Takis’ Electric Barrel

The empty oil barrels are converted into electric barrels.
The TAKIS Foundation – KETE and the sculptor Takis, in an effort to contribute substantially to the major problems facing the planet nowadays, propose an innovative, essential and economically feasible answer to issues such as the lack of electricity and drinking water.
Billions of barrels of oil permit, which exist in abundance throughout the world and are found in disuse, are re-used and converted into energy sources, taking advantage of the solar radiation.
The barrel compositions we recommend are connected to solar collectors and accumulate energy, storing it in a battery.
Our barrel, through this simple in concept, but genius in execution design, is capable of delivering 270 Watts of electricity, enough to power a small household.
Our invention has low production cost, is resistant to weather conditions, has got a long lifespan and is realistic and easy to install and use.

With this installation, we hope and aspire to propose an immediate solution for the populations in urgent need all over the world.