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Takis, honored artist at the 3rd Art Thessaloniki (International Fair of Contemporary Art) and participation of the Takis Foundation – KETE

We are pleased to announce the participation of the Takis Foundation – Research Center for the Art and the Science, during the 3rd Art Thessaloniki International Contemporary Art Fair, which opens its doors on November 22nd and welcomes the audience with Takis as the honored artist.

It is a new institution based in Thessaloniki, a city open to new ideas, a youthful, welcoming city, with unique multicultural routes. As an annual institution, it operates in a catalytic and multidimensional way, enhancing the artistic mobility and dialogue, increasing the challenge for innovation, strengthening artistic neighborhoods and networking, and, above all, understanding the diversity of cultural phenomena.

During the Art Thessaloniki, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the emblematic works from all of Taki’s artistic career, some of which will be publicly exhibited for the first time.

The slogan of this year’s event is “Distribution – Briefing – Amusement” and will run from 22-25 November.