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Solar Yoga & Cosmic Energy by Takis

According to Heraclitus, “the beginning of everything is fire”. If we limit ourselves to this, and forget what today’s scientists say, then Heraclitus was right. The beginning of everything on this planet that we live on, is the Sun, which is fire. Our globe is surrounded by the Sun’s spectrum. And indeed without it our globe would be dead. So, we collect the sun’s spectrum, which is the fire, and we demonstrate how it gives life to the whole body internally, apart from all the good it does externally for our skin. This is what sets us apart from all the other methods of collecting the light of the sun. That is to say, we literally harvest its fire…

After many years of studying the ancient Egyptian civilization, Takis recommends Solar Yoga which has many health benefits. Solar Yoga is performed by collecting solar energy with a simple method and it’s the best form of energy a person can get.

“My interest for ancient Egypt began when I was very young. My first stimulus for the world of ancient Egypt came when I was eight or eight and a half years old. My study on Egypt lasted seventeen years. A very strong personality that goes by the name Akhenaten, drew my attention after countless visits to Egypt.”

It was Akhenaten who revealed that the god Helios (Sun) offers humans the energy nutriment. Akhenaten recommends Helios-Re (see Nouveau Dictionnaire de Mythologie Égyptienne) because he is the only god we can see. Once he became Pharaoh he declared that not only is Helios-Re visible to us every day, but he is also the one who feeds us. This pure food provided by Helios keeps our entire body’s function balanced.

Akhenaten revealed the way that the Egyptian people would receive energy from the god Re on a daily basis. There isn’t a single creature on this planet which could survive without Helios.

“The inhalation of Solar Energy could save humanity”.

The sculptor Takis continues on Akhenaten’s revolution. After the Atlanteans, Takis deciphers Akhenaten and his traces: the godly power of the Sun. And in this endeavour, the sculptor of energy forces in turn reveals the greatness of both Solar and Cosmic energy, encouraging us to collect all energy offered by this great god.

The laws of the Sun, this “secret state” of Akhenaten’s and the Atlanteans, meet the methodology of the Solar and Cosmic Energy of the sculptor-healer Takis.

The sculptor Takis devoted almost all of his life to using nature’s laws to detect the cosmic forces of the Universe. Every secret kept by the priesthoods for thousands of years, is now brought to light.

Takis partakes of the Sun’s energy, the sky’s clearness and the freedom of the liquid element. These qualities become LAWS, which dictate actions and practises of equal importance. The ultimate point -the Sun- is the unifying, the dominant, the invigorating: the Sun’s energy. That’s where the world begins, becomes richer and ends.

One thing that is being looked down on nowadays, is the Sun and its energy. It is only used for practical reasons, such as solar panels. But one can take this energy into one’s stomach, as described in detail in the writing Takis & Solar Yoga.

For Takis’ integrated text, with detailed analysis of his research and the necessary instructions for applying Solar Yoga, please download the link below.