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On line Educational Programs

1st – 6th-grade, Primary school

The Takis Foundation – Takis’s Early Works | Busts (1946-1954)

Α tour at the exterior and interior of the Takis Foundation.
We meet young artist Panagiotis Vassilakis (Takis) through his first artworks, the plaster busts.

Art & Craft: Dough bust.

Kindergarten & 1st grade primary School

Paris & The first iron sculptures “Oedipus & Antigone” (1954)

During the first years in Paris, Takis in his small studio in Montparnasse, experiments with various materials and concludes that the one that expresses him is iron. Influenced by the texts of the Ancient Greek authors, he created “Oedipus & Antigone” in 1954.

Having as an ally the imagination, with experiential and music kinetic activities, young students are urged to play with mathematical concepts that end up in art installation and are invited to create their own “iron” sculpture!

3rd grade, Primary School

Takis | Idols – Idoles | Idol Flowers – Fleur Idoles (1957)

The unique masterpieces of Cycladic island culture, the “Cycladic Figurines” was a source of inspiration for young Takis and in 1957 he created a series of contemporary sculptures, tilted “Idols – Idoles” and the “Idol Flowers – Fleur Idoles”.

Referring to the Cycladic island culture and its influences on the contemporary sculpture of Takis, the 3rd grade primary school students is urged to observe, to compare and to be inspired by creating their own idols, comprehending by this way the timeless value of ancient and of modern Greek culture.

An educational program for 3rd grade primary school students and the subject of history.

4th grade, Primary School

Takis | The first Signals (1955-1974)

A coincidence at Calais Railway Station in 1955 was the occasion for Takis to be inspired and create the first «Signals», those sculptures that characterized him as one of the most pioneering Greek artists of the 20th century.
From that moment the static «Signals» evolve to «Kinetics» and later to «Light Signals» using electricity.

An educational program for the 4th grade of primary school and the subject of history.

Art&Craft: 3d model of Montparnasse with Signal

6 th grade, Primary School

Takis | Magnet as the main visual medium of expression | “Telesculptures” (1959-1972)

What is a magnet and what are its properties? Where do we use it? Can we do art using a magnet? And what would be the visual effect?
Takis discovers the properties of the magnet and the invisible magnetic fields from the very early age applying it with various ways in his art, something that characterizes him as a pioneer of kinetic art. From the late of ’50 he introduces magnetism to his art works initially as a mean of support. Typical works of this period are "Telesculpture" 1959, "Radar" 1960 and "Mur Magnitique" 1961.

A valuable educational program for the students of the 6th grade of primary school and the subject of physics, as children discover an alternative use of magnetic fields
for the purposes of art.
Art & Craft: Magnetic wall