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Frequently Asked Questions About School & Adult Visits

  1. How do I schedule a school visit or a student guided tour to the Takis Foundation?

Before filling out a visit request form, please determine three possible dates for your visit, double-checking test dates, holidays, class change times and lunch schedules.
Then, please contact the Educational Programs Department, call at 210 – 2389019, 210 -2313410or email us at gro.noitadnuofsikatnull@ude mentioning the name of the school, your program topic, the Grade and the number of the students, the date of your visit as well as a contact number.

  1. When can my group visit the Takis Foundation?

Educational Programs and Student Guided Tours are available Monday–Friday from September to July during 09:30 a.m. to 13:00 p.m.

  1. How many classrooms can visit at one time?

The Educational Programs/Students Guided Tours run into two slots:

1st Slot: 09:30 – 11:00

2nd Slot: 11:00- 12:30

The number of classrooms the Foundation can host in one morning is up to four (4) in total.
We can accept 2 classrooms on the 1st Slot: 09:30 – 11:00 and 2 more classrooms on the 2nd Slot: 11:00- 12:30
It is suggested to contact us to schedule your visit.
T. 210 – 2389019, 210 -2313410 or email us at gro.noitadnuofsikatnull@ude

  1. How many chaperones do I need to bring?

At least one chaperone is required for every classroom for both Educational Programs and Students Guided Tours.
Not having enough chaperones is both a safety concern for your students as well as a safety concern for the Museum and the art on display.
Chaperones must stay with their students until their visit is over.
Parents are not allowed to school educational programs / guided tours.

  1. Can my students take pictures/sketch/keep notes during their visit?

Photography is allowed in the Museum’s collection galleries without a flash and not for commercial use.
Sketching and writing are permitted in the galleries.

  1. Can we bring our sack lunches/coolers/backpacks into the Museum?

Food, beverages, and backpacks are not permitted in the Museum.
However, all students can leave their backpacks, coats, and umbrellas in a certain secure space during their visit.
Medical devices/treatment are exempted.

  1. Where can my students eat snacks?

Student groups may eat snacks before or after their tour, in the Sculpture Gardens of the Takis Foundation.
The spot has always shadow, litter and recycle bins and is close to the WC.
In case of rain, students can lunch in the dining room.

  1. Does the Takis Foundation have a café/canteen?

For the moment there is no café/canteen at the Foundation.

  1. Where should we park our school bus/charter bus/oversized van?

Buses are granted free parking for every visitor on both entrances.
Small school buses/charter buses up to 20 persons, can park along Dervenakion str (main entrance). Long school buses, up to 50 persons can park to the open park station (north entrance) along to Daphne str.
Bus drivers stay with the buses while the students are in the Museums.
Directions to the auxiliary bus parking lot are included in your confirmation packet.

  1. What do I do if I have to cancel or reschedule my visit?

If you need to cancel or reschedule your visit, please call the Manager of School Programs Irene Persidou at +30 210- 2389019, 2313410 or email gro.noitadnuofsikatnull@ude as soon as possible.

  1. Can my students stay more for the rest of the day at the Takis Foundation?

After finishing the program/guided tour students may stay for the next 30 minutes, as long as no other visit follows.
In case you wish to continue your day, there is a leisure park and a shopping center nearby.

  1. In which languages the programs/ guided tours are held?

All the educational programs and guided tours are held in Greek and in English.

  1. When a group of adults can visit the Takis Foundation and how can I book a guided tour?

All visits need to be pre-scheduled. The Takis Foundation is open to the public daily, all year round, from 09:30 – 17:00.
Weekends only by appointment.
To enquire and to discuss your booking over the phone please call us at 210 2389019 or email us at gro.noitadnuofsikatnull@ude

  1. Can I visit the Foundation and have a self-guided visit?

The Takis Foundation is open daily for self-guided visit, all year round, from 09:30 – 17:00. only by appointment.
To enquire and to discuss your visit over the phone please call us at 210 2389019 or email us at gro.noitadnuofsikatnull@ude at least one day before the intended visit.

  1. How can I be informed by the Takis Foundation?

You can fill the newsletter form here or follows us on Facebook and Instagram.